Monday, June 25, 2018

Creativity Is A Messy Business

When I tell you that I go searching through my stash to find fabrics, I am not joking. I am so driven to find the right thing I don't fold the wrong fabric and put it back where it belongs.

 Stopping to clean up would be interfering with the problem solving that's happening.

It's not like I live with anybody who's going to get all worked up about it. That's one of the other advantages of having a sewing studio.

Last week Starsthatblaze asked if I unsewed the mini four patch diamonds if I found they didn't work. The short answer is no. I find it a waste of time. As for larger pieces, I'll keep them, but if I want a part of it, I'll slice the seam away with my rotary cutter. It depends on how desperately I want a particular piece of fabric.

 For those of you who want to know how much of a giant print I buy, the answer is one yard. That will give me enough pattern repeats to cut some interesting diamonds. I can get by with less, but the diamonds aren't that interesting to look at, and you know me. If I'm going to buy a fabric with a giant print, I want to make the most out of it.


Rebecca said...

I love watching your process to create color and movement in a quilt.
Add to that the pictures of your work space during the process and I feel at home.... Although I have to say My work room is not as neat as yours each time I start.

Nancy J said...

I think I need to show this to Hugh, and I will never worry if I also have fabric everywhere. Love that fabric on your board, beautiful.

lynn bourgeois said...

Lynne, There is something wild and freeing about your approach. I'm not sure I could do it ,but I really like it.