Friday, May 11, 2018

Slashed Squares Tutorial is LIVE!

The new Slashed Squares Tutorial is LIVE, and you can find it here, in my Etsy shop. It is an instant download, so you can get started right away! Make sure you download the file after you complete your purchase. It will NOT be sent to you automagically.

I hope you all like having everything about this quilt in one place. Please let me know if you have any difficulties with it.



Rieann said...

Hello Lynne and Millie,
Thank you so much for this superb tutorial, I have already downloaded it and printed it and intend to get it spiral bound at the print shop.
You have explained everything so well, I am really anxious to get started.(I am actually saving it for a retreat project in a few weeks) I think I will kit it up so I can just sit and sew and sew and sew.

Again, thank you, will send you a pic of the quilt if and when I finish it! (I am a bit of a gunna, you know, gunna do this and gunna do that and take a long time to finish things.)
Cheerio from Rieann in Western Australia.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Another excellent tutorial -- congratulations.

Ellen Thompson said...

Way back when I first started reading blogs, yours was one of the first I read daily and bookmarked. I've learned a lot from you and appreciate your high standards and insights. Did Milly do her quality control on this quilt?