Monday, May 28, 2018

Scrappy 64

Here are 64 square inside a square blocks. I had a lot of fun rummaging around through my stash to find some of these fabrics to make interesting pairs. I tried not to repeat any fabrics. (I decided it was OK to use a fabric as a center square and then an outer square.)

Next I'll cut each of these into quarters and then I'll shuffle the pieces and put them all back together until I have a flimsy 56" square.

It seems I m constitutionally unable to make a quilt without sewing something together and then cutting it apart and THEN sewing it together again. 

Which reminds me. I was in a chat room once with a bunch of other geeks. We were talking about the crazy things we did on our own time. Here is what I wrote: "I buy big pieces of fabric and cut them apart into little pieces of fabric and then sew them back together into big pieces of fabric again."


Dorothy Finley said...

WHEW !! You are fast --16 done by Sat, 40 done by Sun, and all 64 done by
Mon !!! And I know you must do other things, do you sleep ? :-)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy Scrappy FUN!! I like that we can see the blocks as they are now and then once they're cut apart and re-sewn. And honestly, since you cut things apart and put them back together again, I don't think that is nearly as wacky as it would be if you cut them apart and then left them in little pieces (grin).

Sewing Up A Storm said...

That is a beautiful selection of blocks. Can't wait to see the big cut and reassembly! This looks like a really fun way to use up lots of large scraps of fabrics.