Monday, April 16, 2018

It Followed Me Home...

If you looked at the picture of the class I taught at MQX last week, you probably noticed these sewing machines. MQX provided new sewing machines for all classes which were provided by vendors. There were twenty of these Elna Excellence 680's in my classroom.

Elna's rep, Russ, called me two hours before the class started, asking me how to set up the machines. Many of the classes were about machine quilting. "My class is all patchwork, we need a quarter inch foot." He asked about the color of thread the students would need. "It doesn't matter," I told him.

"Oh that'll be easy."

He was there when I got to my classroom, and he stuck around for the whole class answering any questions the students had, but I don't remember anybody asking anything.

Later (as part of an agreement between MQX and the vendors), Russ told the class about the Elnas. He felt they were the best of Elna's line, talked about some of the features and said they were for sale for [he gave a number] 48% off. I barely paid attention.

But later that night, after having had dinner and read a bit, I was talking to Julie about the class and the show. I don't really know where it came from, but I said to her. "I think I'm going to buy one of those sewing machines." Which was really weird, because I didn't touch one of them. "Why do you say that," Julie asked.

"It was the way they sounded," I replied. "I had twenty students in a smallish conference room. The students were in four rows of five, and they were practically climbing over each other to get around (a large cutting mat and the ironing boards were just outside.) I didn't hear a sewing machine all afternoon. They were so damn quiet. And not one student had a problem."

At 10:40 PM I texted Russ, told him my name and which class I taught, and that I was interested in buying one of the machines in the room. When I woke up the next morning I had a reply from Russ (that he sent at 5:50 AM) telling me which booth to visit.

Well, long story short the damn thing followed me home. (They actually had it packed and ready for me when I got there.) It has every bell and whistle I could ask for, sews like a dream and is incredibly quiet. I haven't had a new sewing machine since 1977 when I got a Kenmore for college graduation. (It ran for 33 years until it died around 2010.)

"You'll be doing your own free motion quilting with this pretty soon," Russ teased as he loaded the box into my car.

Oh no I won't.

"Oh, yes you will."

Oh HELL no I won't.

We both laughed.

I'm old enough to know to never set yourself up for something you can't or won't do, so, I guess we'll find out next year!



Megan said...

Good on ya, Lynne. Elna sounds as though they really know how to market themselves: great product, sensational service.

As for the machine quilting, it's not my thing at all, but one should never say never, I suppose.

Sydney, Australia

Poppy Q said...

Sounds like it was meant to be and we hope you are a perfect fit together.

Pat said...

I did notice those pretty machines and I wondered what they were. Here's wishing you a long and happy life with your new baby.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree - never say never! It really is a good looking machine -- enjoy it!!

Jeanne Bishop said...

I'm a vintage machine lover and I have an Elna Supermatic from c1956. It sews like a dream and also is very quiet. Top quality!

Just Ducky said...

Concatulations on your new toy. Enjoy it and create lots of new quilts for us to enjoy.

Allison said...

I’m so pleased for you!

Bambi Pearson said...

I have an older Elnavision 8007 and love it! It was traded in by someone else and I bought it after the store serviced it. I also own an Elna serger. Their products are wonderful to use.

stitchinpenny said...

Congratulations on the new machine. I have many machines, but if tomorrow I felt a connection with a machine, I would have another.

co coya said...

Sounds like it was meant to be and we hope you are a perfect fit together.

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