Friday, February 16, 2018

Moving Right Along on Tickled Pink

Since the blocks of this quilt are diamonds, it means two sides are on the bias. Since bias edges stretch, I have to be very careful handling them. Once I've sewn the diamonds into long rows, I put them on the floor. (Check out this post. It shows another diamond quilt in progress.)

I've decided to call this quilt "Tickled Pink."

I've moved the piece on the upper right from the floor back on to the wall. It's sewn together.

I needed the space to lay out this long diagonal row. Just how long is it?

  120 inches! Yeah, that's 10 FEET (304 cm). There aren't that many quilts that grow to that size.

 This quilt has two long rows that size. I had to put them on the floor to organize and sew the big diamonds together. With all the bias edges, it is hard to keep these edges from stretching.

 The two big diagonal rows go in this empty space, and the rest of the quilt is the same size as the big piece on the upper right. I'll sew the remaining diamonds into a piece that size, then sew the three big pieces together and the flimsy will be complete. I should get it finished this weekend.

Here are some more closeup shots of the various fabrics in the quilt.

And I think I have a plan for the cream pieces I didn't use in this one...


Quayquilter said...

Love the exuberant variety of fabrics in this quilt

Frog Quilter said...

Love all the colors and textures in this top.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Totally awesome - all TEN feet of those long rows and the shorter ones, too!!

goze said...

Really enjoying watching the progress on this quilt. It's a beauty.