Saturday, February 17, 2018


I always say that I do my best thinking when I'm not thinking. What that really means is that sometimes ideas come to me when I'm doing something else. This idea came to me while I was brushing my teeth after breakfast the other day. I had just been in the studio looking at the layout of the Tickled Pink quilt, and when I looked around I saw a lot of leftover pieces that had cream backgrounds.  What would I do with them?***


That night I went into the studio and gathered up some of the leftover bits and tried to see what they would look like. This could be pretty good. I won't work on this right away, and I don't think the quilt would be as big as Tickled Pink, but hey, you never know.

*** I always find it's important to pose a question when I am working out a problem. If I ask a question, particularly if I ask it to myself before I go to bed at night, I often find I've got an answer to the question the next morning. But it has to be a question.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Me, too!!! Great ideas appear while driving, shopping, showering, etc. The trick is to hold onto those fragments so they can mature (like sharing this post or calling a friend, taking some quick photos, sending yourself an email ...).

AND I think these leftovers would make a gorgeous lap quilt!

karen said...

You gotta love getting two quilts from one plan. This light background version is going to be lovely.

Robby H. said...

Many times have I noted how my best ideas come when it isn't convenient to write them down! What I've learned is the truly best ones stick and the others fall by the wayside. Looking forward to this new inspiration of yours.

Dee W said...

I'd bet my bottom dollar you could make a couple of girly quilts to donate to a good cause with all those pink leftovers!

Ruth K. said...

Absolutely beautiful!