Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Plan for Honeycomb

I always have leftovers, which are good for playing with. Here is what a honeycomb, using the scrap slabs, would look like. 

Kinda sorta.

 Another thing I might play with is using fabrics with light colors on white instead of lighter black on white fabrics.

It's a idea to play with.

One fun part of this design is that each block is laid out exactly like this one. The not fun part of it is that there is only ONE way to cut a dark side triangle and only ONE way to cut a light one, so I will have to pay particular attention.

Good thing nobody but Millie will hear me swear when I get it wrong.


Nancy J said...

And if Millie is like our old Felicity, she might not hear those words at all. Love the arrangements.

Diane Koch said...

Oh!! I like the light on white backgrounds!! But will like whichever you end up doing. I am inspired by your posts and quilts and am learning more about color through you. thanks!

QuiltSwissy said...

Oh yes, another quilt to lust over......