Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stack 'em Up

This is the final layout for the Toy Quilt. Well, it's final as for the colored triangles. The black on white side triangles are good for now, but they might change as I sew them up and find combinations I don't like.

Now I am working my way through the quilt, sewing the blocks together, trimming them square, and then sewing the blocks together in vertical rows.

Here you can see I have two vertical rows sewn together. Each block is 6" square, so the vertical rows are 72" tall.

By the way, there are 32 different black and white fabrics.

If you want to make a scrap slab quilt of your own, you can get my tutorial here, on my Etsy shop.


Dorothy Finley said...

Beautiful !!!!

starsthatblaze said...

Another lovely quilt! I really like the bright diamonds. It looks like the white backgrounds are true whites, not cream. Is that right?

Millie said...

Stars that blaze, most are white backgrounds but there are a few with cream.

Shepherdess55 said...

I really like how this quilt is coming together. You've got a good balance of reds and oranges now.