Sunday, September 3, 2017

Building Birds

Some of the buildings I saw were inspirations for birds. Here are a couple.

I liked the colors in the painted billboard on this building.

Here's the bird based on this building.

 On the way to the Salida Art Walk, my Mom and I walked past this house. I liked the colors, but didn't take a picture. We walked by again the next day, and I still liked it, so I made sure to take picture. I'm glad I did.

Here's the bird based on the building. You can't tell, but the beak is a dark red. The wing of this bird is the same fabric in the body of two other birds, which just goes to show you can use the same fabric and get it to look different depending on what you put next to it.

If you want to make your own birds, get my Etsy tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It's 40 pages of detailed instructions on just how to make your own flock of unique birds with lots and lots of pictures and examples. It's an instant download so you will get it right away.

And if you'd like more information on how I get my fabrics to do the "heavy lifting" in my quilts, I've got a tutorial about that too. It's 60 pages of examples of how to use fabrics to do some really cool stuff that you might never have thought of.

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