Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Brother the Barn Builder

 My brother has been a carpenter for 27 years and he is also a fine furniture maker. Here he is in front of his cabinet of planes and chisels in his workshop.

He built the shop, of course. It's a post and beam building, just like the barn. The tax guys in the town where he lives call this a "detached garage." I gather this means it's taxed differently. My brother says they chuckle when they say it.

This is his shed. A shed isn't taxed as a building if it is less than 200 square feet. This one is 192 square feet, or 12' x 16'. I asked what was in the shed. "All the stuff that keeps my workshop clean."

This is the barn. It really is a barn.

It houses his & his wife's horse,

their chickens,

and a whole lot of hay. The barn is a post and beam building. It won't collapse in this century, or probably even the next. My brother said he wanted his barn to be low.

It's funny, he was managing a lumber yard when he built the barn. "I couldn't afford the material I used to build it if I had to build it now," he said. "I got terrific prices from our vendors, like the skylights in the roof."

What I find so interesting about these three buildings is how they reflect each other. You can tell the same person designed and built them.

So what's the big deal about this barn? When my brother received the family calendar I sent for Christmas which featured the quilts I made in the last two years, he and my SIL asked if they could trade a small piece of his woodwork for the Flight of Fancy quilt. I don't want to give that quilt away, so I suggested that instead I make a bird quilt based the things around Colorado where they live. This trip provided me with a great opportunity to "scope things out" and get ideas for their bird quilt. I'll make a lot of birds for this quilt, but I also want to add my brother's barn.


Dorothy Finley said...

What is more beautiful, the lines of the buildings or the fabulous blue sky, clouds and mountains? I do hope you will keep us all posted on this new quilt coming up :-)

Nancy J said...

The barn and sheds look like they live in a very isolated peaceful place, then I see houses in the background. Still very peaceful, do they get snow in the winter? I LOVE his buildings. And his quilt, the next one, will be so special.

Pat said...

What beautiful buildings; I see you aren't the only artist in the family. This will be an exciting quilt to watch take shape.

Judy Cloe said...

I look forward to reading about your journey making his quilt. His buildings are beautiful. You make quilts; he makes buildings. There are many similar skills involved.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Another terrific post! Thanks for sharing the additional buildings beyond his gorgeous barn (and horse).

Sharon said...

Wow, I see craftsmanship runs in your family! I adore that barn! What a work of art, and it looks so well-designed too. Yes, I see a similarity between all of his buildings.

It will be fun to watch you make a quilt for your brother and SIL. Colorado is one of my favorite places, so I'll enjoy seeing what you include in the quilt to reflect that.

Ann said...

It's such a lovely area. I have Family around there. Always fun to see the mountains.

Beverly Wood said...

Birds and Barns...I can't wait to watch your progress.

La Mañosa said...

Wow, how cool to have such a skill! I can see what you mean about the coherency of the buildings. I think one example may be pitch of the roof. Can't wait to see what you make him. What will he be making for you?