Friday, July 28, 2017

Blue Skies

The skies were so blue in Colorado, at that altitude. I simply had to have a blue, blue bird. This bird has a green beak, which is a nod to the landscape.

This bird was inspired by the metal buildings I saw in Fairview.

particularly this area:
And yes, I chose the grey fabric for the body of the bird above, because the designs on it reminded me of the wavy chain link fence.

Color stories like this are all around you.  You have to force yourself to stop and take a picture when something tickles your fancy. Or how about this - take a few random shots every day, and then try to find a color story in each one, and interpret that color story in a quilt block somehow.

If you want to make birds, get my bird tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It has everything you need to know to make your own flock of improvisationally pieced birds.


Nancy J said...

Beautiful birds, and the way you find the colours, they are right there, just go out and see. Thanks for letting us all know where to look.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I was thinking about color stories as I took photos at the Chihuly exhibit this week. There is NO way I can replicate his artistry in glass, but I can use some of his color combinations in my work. LOVE the blue blue bird!!

Pat said...

I know your brother and SIL originally wanted your recent bird quilt but I think they are going to wind up being so thrilled with this very personalized quilt. I'm loving watching it come together.

Ann said...

I really enjoy the fussy piecing of the wings on your birds. Great fabric selection and then you played them so well. These will be a charming memory of Colorado.