Friday, March 24, 2017

Got Questions?

When I made the scrap slabs for my scrap triangle quilts, I didn't make enormous slabs and then cut them down. It didn't take me long to figure out that I only needed to make them taller than the triangle. But sometimes I'd make a slab it would be too small. 

So I cut some triangle shapes out of scrap fabric (the light fabric here) and moved them around on the slab to figure out the most efficient way to cut my triangles. In the example above, it looks like I can't get two full triangles without adding something to one edge.  But a little creative thinking proved me wrong.

I just flipped the triangles, and was able to cut two of them out of this slab as it was.

That's two great hints. What else do you want to know? You've all watched me make these quilts since last fall. I know what I think I want to say, but my readers always have really great questions I would never have thought to ask.

So here's your chance. What do you want to know? If you could ask me a question about how I make my quilts, what would it be? Leave it in the comments and I'll try to answer.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.


The Selvage Fairy said...

Do you have a general range for the sizes of the scraps that become the slabs? Again, for the slabs, do you keep the grain of all the scraps going in the same direction, and does the "bottom" of the triangle always follow the straight grain?

Nancy J said...

I have always called that " topping and tailing" and do that for cutting out trouser or long pants patterns, as long as the sewing fabric does not have a one way cut. Love those purple strips, and again, thanks for the help today. What a great plan, to have those triangles in plain fabric, and cut the strip to fit them in.

Monica McCurty said...

How do you press your seams to avoid bulk when you sew the blocks together? Some patters have a lot of seams coming to a point which ends up in a wad on the back