Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sneak Peek

This is one of the pages from the new tutorial I am working on, "Making Your Fabric Work For You." Regular readers know I use my fabric to do the "heavy lifting" in my quilts, bringing more interest and vitality to them. The tutorial has over 59 pages of examples of how I do this.

There aren't any patterns for anything, no exercises, just things to help you look at your fabric differently so you can be more creative. Imagine you're visiting me in my studio, and I'm talking to you. That's what this tute is like. Except now you'll have all that information so you can review it whenever you want.

It's currently in the final editing stages. I have a beginner quilter and an advanced quilter reviewing it for clarity and flow, in addition to the usual spelling and punctuation errors. It'll be available for sale as a digital download from my Etsy shop within a couple of weeks.

And then I'm getting back into the studio. Talking about making quilts isn't half as much fun as actually making them!


Nancy J said...

And who is that having a little sneak peek out of the front door?Lovely house, and a super use of that fabric.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the little kitty! I am glad you realize a lot of people need basic visual instruction and are doing the book.

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I'm guilty of keeping my Christmas fabrics "quarantined". I hardly ever go to that box unless I want something gold or red - "Christmas" colors! Your tute is a good idea, I know it will be well received.

Linda Fleming said...

Love your house - beautiful fabrics to achieve your vision - the wonky chimney is just wonderful!

Tine said...

New ways to look at my fabrics are always welcome. You know how it is always easier to see the endless possibilities when looking at other peoples stash? :-)
The house is cute. Making quilts is better than talking about them - agreed!