Monday, November 14, 2016

I Guess So!

I didn't like the mini blocks jammed right up against the big ones, so I put a strip of black on either side of the big blocks, then sewed the minis to either side. But I still needed almost 12 inches on either side. That's the top of the quilt laid out on the floor at the bottom of this photo.

Since I had cut a lot of 7" squares of white and black fabrics to use in the main blocks, I decided to use those to fill up the space. I also had a lot of those fabrics cut into 4-1/2" strips, so I used those too. It's for the back, so I didn't get too worked up about it.

So this is as wide as it's going to get, and yes, I have been wondering if instead of just the back I was making another quilt. From reading all your comments, I guess so.

I need another 4" across the top, and about twenty at the bottom to give Chris, my longarm quilter, enough room to work. 

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Pat said...

No matter what you call it, I like it. :D