Saturday, February 6, 2016

The iPad Dilemma

Last summer I won an iPad.

I didn't know what to do with it.

Yeah, I know.

My son told me, "Mom, I'd give my left garfinkle for an iPad."

Eventually I figured it out. I loved reading my Kindle books on it. I loved surfing the internet on it, I loved FaceTiming with my son and DIL on it, and I liked reading magazines on it. The biggest thing I loved was the New York Times Cooking app. I have zillions of recipes at my fingertips, and the iPad was easy to set up in the kitchen to use as I cooked. I loved taking pictures and having the beautiful, BIG pictures of my quilts available on the iPad. I loved "watching" TV or whatever.

There was one problem. Actually, two.

First, I have a digital subscription to the New York Times, which I love, but I couldn't have it on three devices without spending more money.  Bleh. (I have it on my iPhone, and I love it there, and on my laptop.)

Second, the iPad I won had a 16 GB hard drive. Which I filled up in no time flat.

Over time, of course, the damn thing grew on me, and I neglected my laptop in favor of the iPad, but that meant I wasn't reading as much of the New York Times as I liked.

Something had to change.

The answer was obvious when my son, who works for Apple Care, reminded me of his 25% discount on Apple products. A week ago we placed my order for a larger iPad. His discount allowed me to get an even bigger one.  As we were placing the order he asked, "Mom, do you want it engraved?"


WHY would I want it engraved? And WHAT would I have on it?  I quickly ran into the studio, to look at the inspiration wall to see if I could find anything good. It was 11:15 PM on a work night. I was tired and eager for bed. I saw this, a note my son left for me one night about ten years ago. I can't remember what led to it, but when your kid leaves you a note like this, you keep it. (I mean, like, DUH!)

Well! All I had to do (after parting with some serious $$$) was wait.

They shipped it the next day, and I was able to track the package from China to Korea, where it sat for three days. The expected delivery date went from Feb 8th to the 9th.  I was bummed. Suddenly Thursday night it was in Anchorage Alaska, and the new expected delivery date was Friday - yesterday.

It arrived just before lunch. I couldn't do anything with it other than ogle the message on the back.

Guess who's getting the old one?


Nancy J said...

I gave Hugh one for his birthday in January, last week I set up his Facebook page, and have you any idea how happy and delighted he was to get comments after he posted a photo?? He uses it every day, and maybe, just maybe, if we do ever get to go away, I might be able todo my blog on it instead of taking the laptop. Good on you for spending the extra $$$, well worth every one.Love that engraving!!!

Pat said...

Now that's sheer awesomeness! Enjoy!

joe tulips said...

128!!! Nice! Love the engraving!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Super Post ... Love the engraved message and all it represents.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Just sitting here beaming after reading this terrific post!

Unknown said...

Definitely awesome!

TakeMeThereTotes said...

I love this IPad story. First time to comment but I so enjoy your blog and reading your quilt stories.

Sewgirl said...

I love stories like glad you're enjoying your iPad so much. When my DH gave me one, he too had it engraved, and I love that. I didn't know I needed one then, but I sure would miss it now. Love it for traveling...bigger than the I phone, but easier to carry than the laptop. Enjoy!

Megan said...

I've only used a borrowed iPad on several occasions, so never spent enough time with it to become expert. But, based on my initial exposure - bleeeech. Not interested. If I wanna look at something on a screen, I want a bigger screen. If I wanna write something, I want a proper keyboard. If I want mobility - which isn't as high a priority for me as it is for most people - then I'll use a phone.

Sydney, Australia

Ann said...

I love reading on my iPad. So much better than bringing books when I travel... Although I like real books at home.
It's harder to write a blog on the iPad, at least, it is for me. Let us know how that works for you.