Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fun! Fun! Fun!

When your name is Lynne, L-Y-N-N-E, you don't get to 60 years old without having corrected people your whole life long.

"Is that L-Y-N-N?" folks ask.

"No, it's got an E at the end of it. L-Y-N-N-E."

But folks get it wrong all the time. Lynne, or Lynn, is a name from the fifties. Most Lynns (and Lynnes) were born then. It's much rarer after that.

I almost never meet another Lynne, so when I do, it's an event, as it was when Lynne Berg buttonholed me at the AQS show in Syracuse last Saturday.

She squealed, and grabbed my arm as I walked by, then held up her name tag to explain why.  I squealed right back and gave her a hug. She and her husband had a vendor booth, and they make and sell the most gorgeous solid wood custom sewing and quilting cabinets I have ever seen. We chatted a while, and then had lunch together, where we talked football, of all things.

I had a great time looking at quilts in Syracuse, but meeting people like Lynne really made it a special trip.


Megan said...

I hadn't appreciated that the spelling of your name was so unusual, Lynne.

Sydney, Australia

Vicki W said...

I am the same way with my name. I've spent my life saying "Vicki with an I". Lynn without an e is my middle name!

LynneP said...

I love it when I meet another Lynne as I have several times. One day perhaps we will meet.
Glad you had fun at the show!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've met her and seen that furniture - it is gorgeous.

Super photo of both Lynne ladies!

Pat said...

I hear you! My sister spends a lot of time correcting the spelling of her name from Jacqueline to Jacquelyn. Maybe I should ask her if she'd like to spell it Jacquelynne. :D

Dolores said...

I'm 62 and figure that I have earned the right to correct people ALL the time when they misspell my name. They even get it wrong in emails and I ALWAYS sign my name correctly at the end of emails. I have even capitalized the correct letter to use numerous times but there are still blind people out there. It's DOlores - thank you. I can sympathize with you and I always try to get the correct spelling of other people's names. OK, off my soapbox now.

Marei said...

Oy! 61 years old here and my name is MAREI....not MarIE...not MarEL...not MarCI...it's M A R E I. And it's pronounced "Mary". 61+ years of that...with hopefully another 30 to go. :)
Only met one other person (from Germany) who spelled her name the same way, but pronounced it differently.