Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fall House Top and a Pin Rant

The big Fall House Top quilt is back from being quilted. I trimmed it and made the binding last night.

 I'm going to use it as a table covering in the fall (and particularly for Thanksgiving dinners) so the backing fabric is all food related. The quilt is 54" wide and 109" long.

And I have officially decided I do NOT like those binding clips. I much prefer pins. Julie and Sharon both say I use a lot of pins.

I say "Tant pis!" (It's French. You can go translate it if you want.)

Why pins? They hold the layers together, without anything shifting and you can sew over them!

Later tonight I'll fold the binding over to the front (yes, you heard that right) and sew it down. Since I'll be using this as a table cover, I'll sew the binding down by machine.

And yes, I'll use six million four hundred twenty three thousand eight hundred ninety five pins.


PS. I've added a couple of things to my Tutorials page for your reference. 1. How I blindstitch and 2. How I add the hanging sleeve to the back of my quilts. 


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I used to use pins, I don't like the binding clips either. Now I use the Elmer's school glue method as promoted by Sharon Schamber, if you're unfamilar with it you can see it demo'd here. Seriously, it is life changing, the results are absolutely phenomenal.

Your Thanksgiving table topper is fabulous... I'd be afraid of serving gravy on it though! ;)

Megan said...

I am also someone who uses lots and lots of pins, Lynne. If it works, it's good. LOL

Sydney, Australia

sharon said...

I also use pins when applying a binding - mine goes on the opposite way from Lynne and I use the binding clips for the hand sewing step. Lynne what type of pins are you using? I know you use a lot of them, can you provide a source where you get them?

Cheryl said...

Beautiful table covering. I hope you take a photo at Thanksgiving when it's in use, I'd love to see it.

Mary Ellen said...

Pins work. They are relatively inexpensive. I thought to try out the Clover Wonder clips. The only "wonder" about them is the price. Ridiculously expensive, in my opinion.

Eileen said...

I've never quilted but my mom did and I remember the pins. Lots and lots of pins and sometimes they could be found in the quilt...she missed removing a few.

Your Fall House top is gorgeous! I love the colors.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I much prefer pins to clips - I've tried a couple of kinds of clips (not the super pricey red ones) and have always returned to my trusty pins.

Marei said...

I'm with you, Lynne. Pins and lots of them...AND sewing the binding down on the front! Rebels unite!!!

Valerie Levy said...

I'm with you.
Sometimes simple is best...tried and true.
Until you step on one.