Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Blocks

It's fun to think all these blocks have come from the little scrap bins. I like this, and will need at least a dozen more blocks to make this big enough.

Even though the "Missing U" quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts has blocks made from only primary colors, I'll make a brown block and some blocks with only black and white fabrics, and I might even make a black block. It's fun to make these.


Steven said...

I really like the random placement of the light rectangle in each block. You have really challenged my thinking and what I hope to try next year when I retire. I'm so excited. BTW, my red sticks is slowly coming along. My students in class think I'm crazy when I showed them.

Maureen Heywood said...

This is a brilliant idea, they look good all together.

Pat said...

I made a few of these last year for the Calgary flood victims. They are quite addictive and doing more is on my to-do list.