Monday, October 14, 2013

Inspiration Wall Re-Do

Whenever I received a compliment about a quilt I made, I printed it out and hung it on this "inspiration wall" above my ironing table. It is always nice to look up and read lovely things about quilts I made. When I'm having doubts, it's good to read positive things.

But as you can see, the pages closest to the ironing table are warped and wrinkled because of the steam from the iron and the overspray from the water bottles. I really like having those emails above my work areas, but didn't want to lose those lovely notes.

On the adjacent wall, I've got photos of my word quilts for reference. I decided to swap them around. This way I could keep the lovely comments, and keep them from getting destroyed. It would also give me the opportunity to clean up the stuff I really didn't need.

Now the pictures of my word quilts are on the wall above the ironing table,

These notes, pictures and postcards look a lot better.

One side note. The fun little quilt in the second photo, "Daft Zebras," (the acid green one with black and white letters), got a new name when Julie unpacked it at her house last month.

"What new name?" I asked when she told me.


Hahahahahahahaaha!!!  So it will be staying at Julie's house for a while, along with the Fox.


Quiltdivajulie said...

The zebras are happy here - will be hanging on the design wall in MY studio tonight! (p.s. for those papers affected by steam, etc. - they could go in clear page protectors; easy to see, protected at the same time).

LOVE how you're updating your workspace!

Mary K said...

It is good to rearrange. It starts your creativity going again. Looks good.

Helen said...

Lovely to see your space Lynn, looking so NEAT! Love seeing the swap quilt we did to. x