Friday, September 6, 2013

I Love Lemons

I love lemons. I always have lemons in my pantry. If you are like me, you get your lemons from the grocery store.

However if you are lucky enough to have a lemon tree in your yard, you can pick them yourself. Or have somebody stand on a ladder and pick them for you.

in which case you can stuff them into your teeny-tiny suitcase to bring them across the country (my toiletries bag was stuffed on top and my dirty socks cushioned them during the long airplane trip.)

Yes, if I had to choose between bringing home fresh lemons from the lemon tree in my son's yard or fabric from a quilt shop, I would (and did) choose the lemons.

This pose by "Millie" pretty much sums up how I feel about lemons.


Susan R said...

I totally agree Lynne. I have a lemon tree and a pink grapefruit tree. I wasn't a fan of grapefruit until I tasted the ones off my tree. So sweet and yummy. I'm watching as they grow each day and will celebrate the day when I peel away the skin and eat them like an apple! I'm hoping the lemon tree does a little better this year; I only had 7 lemons last year. :-(

Happy juicing!

Clare said...

I've got 2 lemon trees. Unfortunately I lost all the blossom during the spring storms so no lemons this year. They are also looking very sorry for themselves are a very long, hot summer.