Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Got Questions.. I Have Answers

Several readers had questions about my glasses. I have answers.

1.Do I have one pair of each correction that I switch between?

I'm not sure what exactly you mean, Sandra. I just have those three (plus my equally stylish sunglasses, which have only my distance prescription, since I only wear them when driving.)

I only wear the green ones at work, when I am parked in front of the computer.  I can walk around in them, and don't get dizzy or whatever because my vision isn't really that bad to start with.  I can see where I'm going, but I can't see the expression of people's faces when they're fifty feet away.  Usually that's because I forget I'm wearing them and somebody has called me to say, "Hey Lynne can you come look at my computer, something is funky," and I just get up and go. If I remember, I'll switch to my "normal" glasses for the trip, even though it means I have to bob my head up and down when I get there (because I can only see through the bottom - my "close" vision.  So is it a PITA - well, sorta, but not really.

2. How do I keep the costs down?
I never buy more than one pair a year, and I plan ahead.  If I believe I'm going to need new glasses, I add an extra $10/week to my flex spending account at the beginning of the year.  All of my glasses are in good shape, so I won't need any in 2013, though I might change my sunglasses from single vision to progressive (kinda hard to read the dials on the radio or the heater if I can't see them. Yes, it was a 'duh' moment, but hey, we all make mistakes.)

3. How many glasses do I carry around all the time?
I have the ones I am wearing, and then in my purse I have my sunglasses and my computer glasses. If I'm going to teach a class, I'll add the quilting glasses and leave the computer glasses at home.  They all have different cases, so it's easy to tell which is which.
When I travel, I leave the fussy glasses at home an only take my "normal" glasses (the ones I wear every day,) and my sunglasses.  However I always bring an older pair of glasses (like the ones I just replaced)

because accidents do happen.  (Ask me how I know this.)

Is this vanity?   Hell yeah!  But I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't spend lots of money on clothes or shoes, or purses. And I don't replace my glasses if I don't have to.  This year, my prescription changed, and my everyday glasses (the ones I am holding in my hands, above) were four years old.

Is this vanity? No way.  Having a pair of "computer glasses" makes work SO MUCH EASIER, relieves the strain on my neck and erases frustration.  Same thing with the computer glasses. I can work easily all day long, I can see what I'm sewing, what I'm cutting and what I'm doing.  When I cook or bake, I use the "normal" bifocals.

One last thing. Every year my optician has a special day when all his reps come in with their complete lines of frames. (The selection is staggering.) On that day he gives $100 off every pair of glasses he sells.  Guess which day I get new glasses?

Would you like to see some of the glasses I have had in the past?
These blue and red Armanis were my everyday glasses for a few years.
 These nifty black and white glasses were my computer glasses for years until my prescription changed.

I love glasses.


Bridget said...

I laughed because I made the sunglasses mistake, too! Yeah, those dials can be a tad bit difficult to read!

I am working on an arsenal of glasses, too, with the sewing glasses next. You are my glasses hero!

Steven said...

I'm a guy so I only have one pair of glasses, but I LOVE all your pairs. I also swear by my progressives so in effect I have tri-focals. My distance is great but reading and hand-sewing at arms length or more, is a bit hard. And being a computer teacher I need that middle ground. The biggest upside of getting glasses to solve the three-distance problem is that my migraines have almost disappeared. Yippy Yay. Thanks for the pics.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Let's see - computer glasses with bling at work, sunglasses, regular glasses (blue and purple), and boring gold framed computer glasses at home.

One pair at a time!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the answers! I will definitely be looking into applying your approach to my own vision issues.

VeeV said...

that's just how it should be....
we should have various glasses....
never can have too many pairs of thinks!!