Friday, November 16, 2012

Glasses Junkie, Part 3

Regular readers know I am an eyeglass junkie. Some ladies love shoes, some love jewelry, but for me it's eyeglasses. If I won the lottery, I'd have dozens of pairs.  These are my new everyday glasses (they are no line bifocals).  They are a bit larger than my older ones, and I like them a lot.

These are my "computer" glasses - my "near" prescription so I don't have to keep tipping my head up and down when I work on a computer (like all day at work):
 And THESE beauties are my "quilting glasses." They are bifocals that have middle distance and close distance. They aren't good for watching TV or driving, but are awesome for making quilts - everything out to the ends of my arms.

I love unique, unusual glasses. I think of them as jewelry you wear all the time. (Actually, I think a good haircut is as important.)

Woo hoo!


Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree about the haircut and in the last few years, I've become a convert to wearing "NOT boring" glasses.

Sandra said...

Lynne, I love your glasses and agree they are as much a statement as jewelry! What you wrote about having multiple pairs for different jobs was eye-opening. (unintended pun!)
After decades of wearing contacts, I started wearing glasses. I couldn't decide whether to go with Straight distance, bifical, or progressive. I went with distance only, which means I have to take them off to read or sew. I can't play the piano either way. It's that arm length distance you mentioned that causes the problem. Do you have one pair of each correction that you switch between? If you have multiple pairs of each correction, how did you keep the cost from being prohibitive?

Vicki W said...

I agree, glasses over shoes every day! I used to have 7 pair but since retiring I now only have 2 plus sunglasses. Since my fave color is red I absolutely love (and covet) yours!

quilthexle said...

Very cool glasses ... I'm going to have two pairs of glasses pretty soon (well ... yes, I'm over 40!) and both are "not boring" ;-))

Joyce said...

you need to check out Zeni Optical
I have a wardrobe of glasses from them at very low cost. They are just as good as the ones you pay a lot of money for.

Queenie Believe said...

Fun glasses!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Mr. Karate said...

Those green ones are my favorite! I just love the lines.

Mr Karate