Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why The A Isn't Green

 Jean and Lynda want to know why my A isn't in the Diagonals group of letters (the green ones).

 After all, it is primarily diagonals.

My groups aren't determined by how the letters LOOK when they are sewn together.  They are grouped by the way they are MADE.

When you make an uppercase A, do you start with a diagonal and then sew something to it?

You do not.
You start with a strip of letter fabric and sew a piece of background fabric to each side.

Then you sew the diagonal strips to form the letter A.

You can see a lot more A's here, and they were all constructed the same way.


Lynda said...

Well, thanks for that! It all makes complete sense now!

Clare said...

I never thought of making it like that. I cut the triangle, slash it across the top, add the strip and then the sides. Your way is a lot easier.

Jean said...

I it makes sense. If I had made as many as you, I probably would've figured it out...eventually.... :)