Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mom's the Bomb!

My Mom is so cool. She bought this Kenmore sewing machine in 1998, but she rarely uses it. She's in her 70's and is "de-accessioning" her things. A few weeks ago she mentioned that I could have her sewing machine.

Thursday night, when mine stopped dead in the middle of a seam while I was making my Jungle House, I called her and asked, "Can I pick up your sewing machine on Friday?"

Mom had all the manuals and everything that came with it. So I got it home, dusted it off, wound a bobbin, replaced the needle and tried it out. I adjusted the tension slightly, but it sews great. It's a lot quieter than mine.

Crisis averted.

Thanks Mom!


Vivian said...

You're a lucky lady. That machine looks like it's in pristine condition. I was raised with a Kenmore machine--just one. I'd be embarrassed to tell my mother how many sewing machines I've called mine over the years. Enjoy, and happy sewing!

Sherry said...

Your so lucky. I have a sewing table sorta like your and my friend was able to make s hole in it so my Kenmor sit nicly into the space so now I have a great sewing table. He put in a new fake botton that took him a few minutes to do. I love the space I have to see now. Enjoy your new machine.

Mishkat said...

That was very kind of your mom - the machine looks brand new! I'm still using a Kenmore from 1974 - and my mother-in-law is still using her 1953 model. Hope this one works out well for you!

susan said...

nice! i wish my mom sewed so she could give me her machine!! :o)
what type is it?