Friday, October 14, 2016

Home Again & Some Leftovers

My quilt, Too Much Chicken, is back home from the AQS shows in Syracuse, Chattanooga (where it won an Honorable Mention), and Des Moines. I've got to enter in the AQS shows for 2017 and sew on the labels from the shows where it has been exhibited.

I'm expecting a couple more quilts from the long arm quilter (Chris) soon.

The pink baby quilt, I made for my granddaughter, Deco Rose,

and the colorful Slashed Squares quilt I made last January. I'll be finishing those up. I have to choose binding for each quilt, but I am not worried.

I've decided to add a bit of red all around the Peppermint Candy quilt as a narrow outer border. It will give me a bit of wiggle room when I have to trim it after it's been quilted.  Problem is, I didn't have enough of the reds, so when I ordered the backing...

... these ladies in red evening gowns... I ordered more of a few of the reds too. I'll figure out which one (or ones) to use when they arrive.

While I wait for all this wonderful stuff to get here, I really have to bring my sewing machine to the sewing machine "spa" for a bit of rejuvenation. The thread cutter needs adjusting and it probably could use a little fine tuning as well.

For the latest photo of my darling Little Miss, check out Millie's blog today.


Poppy Q said...

Well done on the prize, your quilts are lovely and they deserve a big audience.

Summer said...

Your quilts are really gorgeous ♥

Louise said...

I was thrilled to see Too Much Chicken in Chattanooga! Congrats on your ribbon :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Gorgeous backing fabric! That ribbon looks so good on that quilt -- well deserved.