Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Writer

If you have been following my birds for the last couple of weeks, and if you have been reading the comments, you have read the amazing stories that Megan, from Sydney Australia, has written about some of them. Megan has been following this blog, and Millie's for many years and we have been friends for many years.

Many of you have commented that Megan ought to be a writer. Actually, Megan IS a writer. This bird is my idea of Megan. She is blond and blue eyed and has a pair of glasses as blue as this bird's breast. As you can see the wing is script and that is a nod to Megan's writing abilities. Her colorful beak also represents her imagination and way with words. I can't describe Megan as well as she has described Mr Blue, Aloysius, Albie, Perdita and Simon, but I'm proud to honor her as a good friend.


Nancy J said...

So wonderful to know a little about Megan, no wonder she writes so well about your birds, talented indeed. And friends for many years, I have one wonderful friend, since 1954!!!! That surely tells how old we are now. Jeanette is in UK visiting family, as her dearest man Trevor died earlier this year, in August.

Megan said...

Thank you so much for making a Megan bird, Lynne. And for being so flattering: my hair is grey, not blonde, and I just wish I were as slim as this bird.

I find it curious that you describe me as a writer, as it's not a word I use to describe myself. 'Writer' sounds like someone who writes serious, long-form work, such as novels. Me? I'm a 'words person', or a 'wordsmith' if you will. I'm currently employed as a freelance journalist on several craft magazines, and have also worked in marketing communications for a variety of large multinational corporations over the years. Being able to 'bash out' a few hundred, or even a few thousand, words about a company achievement or new product or a human-interest story for the staff newsletter doesn't seem like real writing - not really!

I began wearing glasses full-time about four years ago. I hate it! I can't understand why someone hasn't found a cure for ageing eyes that doesn't require the wearing of glasses. But, until that day, I guess I'm stuck with 'em, so there was no way that I was just going to have ordinary, mundane, ho-hum boring glasses. I don't wear makeup or pluck my eyebrows and I'm not particularly attractive, so I figured that my glasses were an opportunity to 'furnish' my face - wear something a bit out of the ordinary. I chose frames that are a strong mid-blue and they not only attract quite a bit of comment, I really think they suit me and improve my looks: they make my face more interesting.

I think it's apt that this bird has a large beak (mouth). I've been opinionated and outspoken all my life; cheeky, quick-witted, not especially intimidated by authority and someone who likes to play word games and inject some humour into situations. (Hmmm - perhaps THESE are the reasons why I've never fitted well into corporate life? Too much of the wise-cracking ratbag?) Anyhoo, I think having a large beak is symbolic of these traits.

Thanks again.

Sydney, Australia

Quiltdivajulie said...

Being able to write well doesn't necessarily depend on how long or short the piece is (word count). It depends on the thought process, the skillful use of words to convey those thoughts, and enough skill to keep grammar, punctuation, and spelling in line. Sometimes being given a specific topic or other limitations actually makes the writing harder, So to Megan with the fabulous blue glasses (in real life) and gorgeous script-covered wing (above), I say you ARE absolutely a writer and a wordsmith and a word loving person. So happy to have found you through Millie's and Lynne's blogs.

Millie said...

Megan, I stand by my description of you as a writer. Quiltdivajulie has put it exceedingly well.

Millie said...

And Mom says you are two peas in a pod. She is just as opinionated as you are, loves word games and she also LOVES fun, colorful and fancy eyeglasses.

Belinda said...

An extremely EXCELLENT bird......uhm, with a BIG beak! LOL!

I'm so enjoying "the words" Megan is sharing!

Megan said...

Millie - your mom and I have another important thing in common: we both think tuxie pusscats are The Best!

Sydney, Australia

Jackie said...

Love the explanation and Megan's comments. I've always been in awe of someone who can does write for a living or writing in general.

Just Ducky said...

Now I know more about Miss Megan. She visits me lots and I am happy she does, she warms my heart. Purrs Ducky.

Michael said...

I've been hearing about Millie for years, and now the fabric birds, especially the Megan bird. I have been kept up to date during our daily walks, for Megan has been my best friend and wife for almost 30 years, and is a wonderful person. We both love cats and enjoy textile crafts and Megan has been delighted by Lynne's fabric representation - though I don't necessarily accept Megan's comments about the aptness of the big beak. I'll be interested to see how large this flock grows. For the moment, the 23 birds look like a flock of Sandpipers on the beach, heads into the wind.