Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday's Birds

This bird is larger than the others, although it's hard to tell when he's by himself. I needed to make him bigger to accommodate the print on the wing. Choosing the coordinating fabrics was tough. The fabric I eventually selected for the breast was hardly my first choice, but I am glad I persisted.

This guy has a REALLY big beak. He's a talker. A professional talker. I think he might be an investigative journalist. At any rate, he's got a way with words and he's very classy but determined. Intelligent, yet approachable.

I don't know what I'm having more fun with, the birds or their stories. Did you see Megan's comment on Mr Blue yesterday? Truly a keeper.

Check out the beak on this bird. Where did it come from??

You have to really look at your fabrics to see what's there. This fabric was the backing of the White Rules quilt, and I've had scraps of it for years.

I'm not sure about the story for this bird. I think perhaps she's a musician. Possibly a flute player. She's very sophisticated, elegant and restrained.

I like the way this bird came out. The wing fabric was left over from the Spools quilt.

I can't figure out a story for this bird. Maybe you can?


Nancy J said...

Your last bird lives in a hot climate, hot all year round, and his "feathers" are reflecting the sun's rays.He seldom wears a hat, scorning it so he can show off that plumage. An extrovert for sure, not an academic, but learned and well educated. I agree, the story lines are as much fun as the creativity.Every one you make is stunning. Can we have a photo of them all together please?

Quayquilter said...

Better watch out for those birds with a cat around! Love them, a veritable flock!

Megan said...

Nancy is right. Aloysius is debonair - a born salesman (bird). He's worked in a number of different roles during his career, having at various times sold luxury cars, time-share in the Bahamas and yachts. With the changing relationship between the USA and Cuba, he has plans to become a major importer and distributor of Cuban cigars, but only to outlets that provide an undertaking to store them in appropriate conditions and stock only the quality-end of the range. When challenged about the health consequences of smoking, Alo (as he is known to his friends) simply replies that 'Life is short - it must be enjoyed'. His interests include the novels of Benjamin Disraeli (which he has studied at post-graduate level) and collecting hand-made/hand-tufted rugs from the lower foothills of the Himalayas. It is thought that he has been married multiple times, although no one seems absolutely sure whether he has three ex-wives or four. Whatever, he is now single and open to approaches from like-minded, colourful birds of the female persuasion. Rumour has it that he was actually a drab brown bird as a young 'un; how he acquired his highly decorative current plumage remains a mystery, but a number of theories are currently circulating on Facebook.

Sydney, Australia

Jill said...

Interesting that everyone agrees that the last bird is from a warm place. I think I saw him recently on an eco-tour in Costa Rica.

Judy in Michigan said...

These stories are wonderful. Thank you Megan and Nancy J and to you Lynne for calling our attention to the comments. The birds, of course, are the stars!!

Mary Ellen said...

Some of you that comment ought to be writing books. Seriously.