Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pink, Pink, Pink!

Oh what a wonderful weekend! I traded in my car for a nicer, spiffier model, and the weather was so nice I was able to spend some time cleaning up in the garden.

It's a big deal because I didn't have enough time to clean up the yard before winter came. I have some plans for the front, but not much because I want to see what's there first.

What really got me pumped was finally being able to paint the doors pink.

 This is the back door. As you can see it was brick red, so it will probably need at least three coats of paint.
I think it's going to look so good when it's PINK!

The front door was also brick red, and will need three coats as well.

I'll be painting the final coats of paint on this door with a paint roller. You can see the pink letters over on the right.

The side door is textured metal. This is where the little welcome quilt will hang.

I am really happy with the side door. I think it's going to look terrific when it is finished.  See the blue mat? When I bought it, I thought I was going to paint the door blue. Oh well. Most people will never notice, and it will look good anyway.


charlotte said...

You got a LOT done in a weekend! Wow!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love, love, love the doors!!!!!!!'

Megan said...

Love the doors. Good to see someone with a bit of pizzazz in a neighbourhood where the community restricts everyone's house colours!

Sydney, Australia

Mystic Quilter said...

The doors are amazing - my grand-daughter will have to see this post she loves this shade of pink!
I love them.

Pat said...

Isn't it amazing how wonderful weather injects energy into us? I love the pink doors and I think pink and blue are very nice.

Sandi said...

Love the pink door! Love the blue mat they are great together.

Marei said...

I am not a pink kind of girl but your doors are putting a very big smile on my face. Maybe I like pink more than I that possible? I'm in a new-to-me house, too, and I really enjoy the discovery of "what" has been planted "where". I especially love it when there's a nice the peonies I'm finding all around my house. :)