Monday, September 29, 2014

Before and After

I have a Before and After for you. It's really another post about how it's OK to change your mind when you get a better idea.

 My "new" house is a kind of a creamy khaki color, but not so green.  Yes, it's dull, but the co-op limits the colors of the houses to white or "neutrals."  Doesn't bother me. 

I bought a front door mat in a lovely navy blue, like the "Nocturnal Sea" in bottom blue color chip. I thought I would paint the front door, and I didn't want it that dark, so I picked the "Neptune Blue". I knew it would be a very pleasing color combination.

While I waited for the paint to be shaken after it was mixed, I looked around, and saw this flyer.

I didn't even need to open the flyer, because what hit me was that can of magenta paint at the very top.

I knew instantly the magenta / hot pink would ALSO look terrific. It would be a show-stopper for sure, but when you get a BETTER idea, you have to go for it.

So I went back and got a can of Hot Pink

Oh, I can't wait!!!


Megan said...

I'm thrilled that you "allowed" yourself to buy a second can of paint. Many people wouldn't have - their thinking being that they had invested money in the blue paint and should use it. Paint's not cheap, but ... it's not a week's ages either, and you'd like to think that you won't be painting the front door all that often, so whatever you choose you'll be looking at for a while. So, good on you Lynne.

Sydney, Australia

PS. There's no reason why you couldn't paint your front door frequently - it would certainly give the new neighbours something to talk about: you could become known as the new crazy woman who lets her cat write a blog and who paints the front door a new - and startling - colour ever year! LOL

Megan said...

Sorry - that should have been "a week's wages"


Pat said...

I definitely like the magenta but I'm surprised they will let you do it given the 'neutrals' requirements for the house. Some associations tend to go overboard with their rules. :-)

Two days!! You have got to be more than ready.

stitchinpenny said...

Enjoy being able to express yourself - $40 for a can of paint isn't that much unless you intend to continually buy paint and repaint the door, which would take way too much time from quilting. Enjoy and pictures of the end result are mandatory.

Derby, Ducky said...

I did mine old front door in butterscotch. CAn't wait to see your results.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I'm glad that you went with your better idea... the fuschia will look wonderful; you're so smart!