Sunday, June 8, 2014


I had a little time last night after dinner so I quickly hung up all four crayons quilts on the new fence.  They look pretty much like I expected them to, but I have them all at my house so that's not a surprise.

What did surprise me was just how hard to read the Mashed Potato Crayons are. It's easier when you are closer.

This photo really shows up the wonderful quilting by Chris on the Bright Crayons.

The bright crayons are lovely, but to me there is no mystery. The whole thing is very straightforward. The colors and fabrics echo the sentiment of the phrase. Nothing unexpected here.

I took these photos in a hurry, the light was fading and I didn't have any help. I think this one is slightly out of focus, and when I do these again I'll make an effort to get them closer together.  At any rate, I knew when I made it that the letters in the Black Crayons were wider overall, and that's one reason why the quilt is wider also.  (Truth: I trimmed too much from the right side of the Bright Crayons quilt by mistake. The air was positively BLUE when I realized what I had done. It annoys the heck out of me. And yes, I wish I had used a different BOB on the background of the Y in the Black Crayons.)

I deliberately changed the placement of the birds in each of the quilts. I don't like making two quilts the same (actually I am constitutionally incapable of making two that are exactly alike).

 When I sat back in a lawn chair to look at all four of them together, the thing that really hit me was how much I love the Black and White one above all the others. It's a lot more interesting to look at.

This photo also shows off Chris's amazing free motion quilting artistry.


iris said...

Each one tastes different.....I love most of them
Now tell me which is more YOU like??
If i made something i will call them my babies and love them all.

stitchinpenny said...

I thought it was some form of heresy to like a black and white version of that saying more than the color versions, but I did too. I also like the background for the y, because it just seems to highlight the word that is most important in the saying.

Terri said...

I'd always thought that black highlighted the colors so much better than white... and that might still be true and show up if you had used the same prints for the letters as on the white background. The white is my fav... You did some amazing work here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Rebecca said...

I love checking your posting and the chance to "watch" as you create. Thank you so much for showing us the 4 of them together on the wonderful new staging area (called a fence by some). I thought I had "seen" them when posted separately but seeing like that all together shows me so much more of each one!

Judy in Michigan said...

My favorites are the colorful one and the b/w. Since I've seen the colorful one the most, I am now drawn to the b/w. Thanks for the exercise - I enjoy studying them and yes, Chris is a magician!!

Jean said...

I love them all hung together like this...this helps see the differences in all of them, as well as the beauty of each color theme. I don't know if I can pick a favorite as they all have unique letters and birds. But I know the mashed potatoes is my least favorite just because it is harder to distinquish the words. It has a beauty all of its own too, though. Sometimes that light, airy blendy feel is just perfect for what you want on a wall...the viewer has to come closer to see each letter. great job on the whole collection!

Quiltdivajulie said...

1. B&W (hands down)
2. Bright on white
3. Bright on black
4. Mashed Potatoes (although I suspect I will like it much more in person - here on the blog it dies on the vine, err fence)

Excellent post!!!

Sandi said...

Although I,over the black and white, the white and bright is my pick for number one. The mashed potatoes and black and mutes tie for last. I think if you had used the similar colours in both the white and colour and black and colour it would be a harder choice.

You inspire me to make my own version one day.

Thanks for the great photos.

Handmade by Joan said...

I think the black and white one really stands out. It almost seems as if the letters are lifting out toward me. I also like the irony of using the black and white with phrase.

Megan said...

I would normally be immediately attracted to the brights on white version - but I found what you had to say very interesting: no mystery, very straightforward. You're absolutely correct, which means that the black and white one becomes my very favourite.

Had I made the error with the white background, I think I might have risked sewing on a strip of the background fabric in the belief that the quilting would heavily disguise the seam. As for the lighter background for the 'y' on the black version, I think it's kinda funky and suits the quilt.

Sydney, Australia

Nancy M Stevens said...

Yup. Absolutely. The black and white.

Clare said...

Definitely the black and white. Definitely!

roccagal said...

I LUV'EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(b&wh is my fave tho!)
- thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!!!
I luv your blog as well!!!