Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sometime this past January, I discovered Tonya and her Wonky Pieced Alphabet. My life hasn't been the same since. Now I want to make wonky letters all the time. I decided I needed a "sampler." This, though, is the quilt I am working on for the Doll Quilt Swap 4.

I like the pink and purple tulips, but the pink needs to be carried elsewhere in the quilt.

I need to make a pink letter, perhaps? Here the letter L is simply another pieced letter sitting on top of the original blue L. If I wanted to make it pink, I'd have to rip things apart.

I really like the "G", and yes, I did plan the placement of the fabric to achieve that look.

The letters are about 3" tall when sewn up. There is about 1/2" between them. This quilt will be small, about 24" square.


Announcement ~~~ I have been VERY busy, but there hasn't been much activity on this blog to show for it. There's a reason for that, and all will be revealed shortly. Watch this space - starting on July 25 - for the unveiling of my very Special Super Secret Project.


Kentanner11 said...

Wow! The colors are really neat! I think that if you want to incorporate more pink you could put like a dragon fly or something by the J. The fabric choices are just great! You have just given me the inspiration of trying some letters, I just had to see them in my favorite colors!

Thanks for such a great blog! I will be patiently awaiting your secret project!


dot said...

This is an adorable quilt. I just might have to make one like it for my grandbaby. Oh how I love seeing others ideas.

SuzyQSparkles said...

Somehow I wound up on a site about a Doll Quilt Swap. I saw the alphabet sample, but no link, then saw the butterflies with a link. On browsing, I found that you are the maker of the blue/green alphabet as well as SO VERY MANY OTHER WONDERFUL PROJECTS!

I'm INCREDIBLY EXCITED to have discovered your blog. Your quilting invigorates me! I look forward to reading a bit more (when it's *not* my bedtime!) ;)

Just wanted to drop you a line.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

fabulous. can't imagine I would ever take apart the quilt - it looks great. it looks wonderful with the pink L too. still. maybe a pink binding would be enough to satisfy the eye? Wheee, looking forward to seeing more secret projects!

Clare said...

Tonya used to give me cyber telling off's for unpicking and starting again so perhaps a think pink border or binding.

I think it's stunning as it is - beautiful colours.

Clare said...

Sorry - that is supposed to be "thin".

Nancy said...

I like Tonya's pink binding idea too. I really think the original colors of the letters are perfect!