Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is not the way to make a lower-case "e."Ask me how I know this. This is an example of trying to be too clever (in an, "oh-if-I-do-it-this-way-I-can-save-a-step" way). The only way to fix this is to remove the white (background) strip across the top, add the left edge piece, and then sew another (wider) piece of background fabric to the top.

This is coming along nicely. I like both versions, and will finish each one (black background and white background). Up to this point, the letters are identical. From this point forward though, while I will use a lot of the same fabrics, they won't be exactly the same.

Because, you know, that would be boring, and I have to do something clever to make it more of a challenge.

The differences may not be immediately obvious. (Check out the center of the "o" in this one, and compare it to the "o" in the black version as an example.) Remember, I hate "cutesy", "corny," and I try to avoid the obvious.


LizA. said...

LOL! But, if you had not pointed it out, I'm not sure I would have caught it.

Millie said...

Liz, I am glad I caught it before I sewed that side strip!

Dolly said...

Now, how can you say that you hate 'cutesy' when you went so far as to include the two kitties....each one matching it's background?

You're keeping me interested, I'll say that. I've had this book in my shopping cart with connecting threads for weeks now. I don'tknow what I'm waiting for, but since I ordered myself earrings for Valentine's day last night, I guess the book will keep waiting.....I'll just piece words vicariously through you.