Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Rules, again, again, again

So I was thinking about the word "RULES" and what I could do to make them different. I got to thinking.. what is it about "Rules" (in this context) that makes them so... negative?


DULL! That was it! I could try to make the word look DULL!Can you see it? These colors are less intense, more washed out, more low key.
I dunno if it totally works, but I like this version of the word better than the black-and-white letters.

Dolly, can you see the "O" now? You should click the photo to enlarge and see what I did in the middle of it.


LizA. said...

I see it but what also jumps out at me is the "h" in the right above rules. I don't know if it's just the lighting or what, but to my eye it should be brighter so the dullness of rules stands out more. -- just my .02

Clare said...

I agree with Liza.

Quilting Mama said...

I like your pick for the O. Of course I've yet to meet a kitty that even believes rules apply to them.

I really enjoy seeing your quote quilts.

Dolly said...

Yes, I can DEFINITELY tell it's an 'o' now. I've been wondering what was fussy cut for the center, but hadn't yet clicked to see. That's adorable.....I like little surprises like that.

Honestly, I get what you're going for with the dullness, but these don't really look much different from the other letters.....in this photo, atleast. But YOU can see what WE can't.

Hey, how about some of that RULEr fabric that's out there.......tape measures, I think it is? You could piece the letters out of that, or maybe that's a little too literal.

I think part of why I like the black and white of the other RULES, is because I read the Bible quite a bit, and see that with rules, it is all black and white, no grey area......THOU SHALT NOT....not, "well, maybe you shouldn't".

I don't know, just my current take on it.

Millie said...

Clare, Liz, yeah. I saw that "h" right away and new it needed help. Never fear... I think I have a solution.

Dolly, yeah, you're right too.. those letters don't look very dull. What can I say? I hate dull dreary fabrics, and don't buy them! So I don't have any in my stash! Oh well, we'll see what happens. They contrast between the two sets of letters is more visible in real life, and in better light.

I rejected the idea of making the RULES in all ruler fabrics. Yes, I felt it was too obvious, and also, I didn't have enough ruler fabric. Only four colors. Need five.

I'll figure something out. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

I have already sent the black and white RULES letters to Julie, who is making a quilt from my orphans and duds.