Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Christmas Present

This is what my son gave me for Christmas. Yes, it's one of those Bluetooth wireless headsets you wear over your ear so you can talk on your cell phone "hands-free."

When I opened it, I am pretty sure I didn't look very excited.

My son spoke up, "Mom, I hate the idea of you trying to get your cell phone out of your pocket when you are driving."

"But," he continued, "you don't have to use it only when you are driving. "With this, you can talk to me when you're sewing."

Suddenly, it became my very favorite Christmas present! He's right. The thing works like a charm, and I can (and have) used it to talk to him when I am working in the sewing studio, as well as while cooking.

I'm so lucky to have a great kid like him! Is it any wonder I'm crazy about him?

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Joyce said...

And you are even more lucky that he wants to talk to you so much. He sounds like a keeper!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I have one for my cell phone and I LOVE IT. I ALWAYS wear it when driving and, since we do not have long distance on our land line, I use the headset with my cell phone in the house when long distance is involved (or I know I'm going to be on a local call for an extended period of time). SO much easier on the shoulder, hand, neck, and wrist!

Yeah, your son is definitely a keeper!

autumnesf said...

I love reading the posts about your son. How cool that he got you something so you could talk to him whenever he wanted you! LOL. Wish I could get my son to just check in occasionally...