Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Eye

My son thinks the dog should be more to the left, and he doesn't think the words "the lazy dog" need to be centered underneath it.

He's got a great "Eye" so I'll give his opinion a lot of weight. Growing up, we went to an art show about twice a month for the first 19 years of his life, and grew up with art being created at home every day, so he's had a lot of exposure. My mother, a working artist, tells her friends that he is one of the three people she asks to critique an artwork-in-progress.

I'll think about it.

Remember, this is the same kid who didn't like the yellow fabrics I chose for his Sunshine Quilt.


Jackie said...

Lynne, This quilt is coming a long so nicely. It looks like you are in the home stretch. I don't know if you you do need to move the dog. Because it looks like the angle of the fox makes him appear to be landing. If so the dog should not be centered.

Joyce said...

I think moving the dog to the left would balance the quilt. I like to see the main objects in the design less vertically aligned. You have done a fantastic job. Love those blue butterflies.

Jean said...

I think moving the dog helps balance it. This is a wonderful work in progress. Thanks for showing us all your thoughts and worries. I know what you mean about leaving it for a bit, I do that too when I reach a certain point and am not sure what to do next to finish. Eventually it comes to you. This is wonderful! (the bunny rump is a cute idea!)

Linda and Piwacket said...

First of all, this quilt is fantastic! I also agree about moving the dog slightly. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. So cute!

Michelle said...

That is going to be the most fantastic quilt!

Carol said...

I'm sure that you're done by now. I love it! Is there a source for the pattern?

Thanks ;)