Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New "Q"

Of all the letters, I dislike making an uppercase "Q" the most. A tiny "X" in the corner of an "O" --- argh! Just agonizing!

So I came up with this version. Step one, make a sideways "C"
Slice it apart diagonally (or even almost crosswise)
Pull it apart, and insert...
the tail of the "Q"
Sew it up.
(I have a confession - I had to trim the lower right corner before I sewed it to the top piece with the tail. If you make one, you'll figure it out.)


Tonya R said...

fantastic - very clever!

Joyce said...

Thanks for that idea. I don't like doing that letter either, but that may now change.

Clare said...

I've never had to do a Q, but when I do I'll remember that. Bit like putting the chimney on a wonky house.