Saturday, October 4, 2008


Rough day at work yesterday. Put my foot in my mouth rather spectacularly in front of the big boss. Spent the rest of the day feeling profoundly stupid and embarrassed. Got home, started dinner and started the upper case "Q's" while it was cooking.

I got a little carried away with them. They are a bit oversized, but I think they will be fine, since I won't be lining up all the letters perfectly anyway. The purple is really pretty in real life, looks washed out here. I like the little tails on the lower case q's.
I love the upper case "R's". They are inspired by the R in the font called "Cooperplate Gothic Bold."
"S" is my favorite letter in the entire wonky alphabet. The best one here is the lower case with the white background.

I didn't have enough time to make the "T", but I have all day today to finish the other 7 letters. I accidentally ran over a pin with my rotary cutter, and I don't have any spare blades, so that's a pain. I'll have to go out to get some later.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

these are so great - I love how inventive you are!

Tine said...

That lower case s looks like a swan!! Beautiful!

Millie said...

Yes, Tine, that is what I like about that little "s"!

Millie said...

Thank you, Tonya!