Thoughts on Art, Creativity & Inspiration

Why do I make Quilts?

Pick Up The Pencil
Get to work

The Value of "Meh"
A not compliment can tell you a lot!

What Do You See?
When Inspiration Hits, Take Notes

Change Partners & Dance
What to do when you're stuck

The Little Grey Cells
Think Outside the Sewing Studio

Thoughts on Rules
Thinking About Making

Yvonne Asks A Question
Do I draw it out first?

If At First You Don't Succeed
Transformation of the Spring House

Getting from A to B
Genesis of Black Box Quilt

Want Ideas? Get Input
Keep Your Eyes Open

Frank Stella & Influence on Me

To Rip or Not To Rip

Ideas & Inspiration
A Trip to the Currier Museum

The One Strip
Ranting About Jelly Rolls

Risk, Process, Create, Wow!
Thoughts on Making Unique Quilts

Neil Gaiman on Creating

Composition, Explained

Funny How That Works

Why Wednesday?
Why do we listen to family members when they may not know about art, color or design?

Thursday Thoughts
Part two from Why Wednesday

If He Can Do It
If he can do it, you can too.

In which my son points out something I didn't see.

Can You See It?
Fixing Fun

The Wrong Road
No matter how far you've gone down the wrong road, turn back.

Make It Work!

My Favorite Quilt (that's not mine)

The Same, and Different

Megan wants to know why I make the quilts I make

Duds, Glorious Duds
One quilter's trash is another's treasure

Working on Autopilot
Trusting your Gut - Knowing when to stop

Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Fabric Combinations, How I make them

Low Contrast Does Not Have to Mean Boring
It doesn't have to be Beige to be "Low Volume"

The Stash
Everybody comments on my stash. Here it is, and why I buy what I buy when I buy fabric.

Inspiration: On the Fridge
You never know where you'll find inspiration.