Lynne Tyler Quilts ~ 2013

The Black Box, 2013

A quote from Twyla Tharp was the inspiration for this quilt. I made every element at least twice, and I made the box three times. Construction of this quilt spanned eight months while I wrestled with all the challenges it presented me, but I never thought of giving up. This quilt has been exhibited in five AQS shows (Chattanooga 2014, Des Moines 2014, Alburquerque 2015, Syracuse 2015 and Grand Rapids 2015.) It is completely original, designed by me, Lynne Tyler, and was "improvisationally pieced" without patterns, templates or paper piecing.

Mashed Potato Crayons ~ 2013
I wanted to make a so-called "Low Volume" quilt with words, but I wanted to find a phrase that said the exact opposite, a kind of raspberry to the whole "low volume" philosophy. The quilt is pretty in real life, if you aren't looking at any of the other versions.

Bright Crayons ~ 2013
After making the bland Mashed Potato Crayons, I needed to jump back into bright COLORS, so I made this version. It's OK, but it hasn't got anything surprising in it. In its own way it's boring and predictable. The birds flew in out of other projects and wouldn't leave. So I let them stay.

Black Crayons ~ 2013
I've always loved fabrics with a black background. In their own way they are just as "low volume" as the beige ones, but I wanted to turn the idea on its head and force the viewer to really LOOK.

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Unknown said...

Is there a pattern available for the Bright Crayons quilt?