Monday, June 10, 2024

Yellow Scraps


I have finished with the limey green scrap slab triangles. I have 82 of them. Next up is yellow. The first thing I had to do was separate the golden yellow fabrics from the yellow orange ones. I'll make those triangles separately. Once I had them sorted I had to iron them, and then straighten the edges and pair pieces of fabric together.

Then I had to press those pieces and pair them up. If the pieces of fabrics were large enough, I cut triangles.

I cut 20 triangles before I called it a day. I have a lot more yellow scraps to go through.

Earlier I watched the Men's Final at Roland Garros; washed one of the windows in the living room and cleaned the mini blind of that window, made my lunches for the week ahead and cooked fish chowder for dinner.

I've made over 10 quilts with these scrap triangles. If you want to make one (or two or three), you can get my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop.

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