Sunday, June 16, 2024

One Quilt, Two Quilts, Pink Quilts, Word Quilts


Way back in January I packed my quilts for my talk to the SeaBreeze Quilt Guild. The talk was postponed due to inclement weather. I eventually spoke to the group in May. When I got back after the talk I brought the bags into the house and left them there.

My task for the past weekend was to put the quilts away. 

First though, I had to unpack them.

The quilts above are (clockwise from top) Partly Sunny, Greensleeves, Prism, Asterisk, Picnic Table and Snow Day. You knew that, right? (LOL)

It's a corner closet. I put the smaller quilts on the left.

The tallest quilts are to the far left of this side, the Christmas quilt are at the far right. The others are grouped together by pattern. There are 48 quilts in this closet*. (I counted.)

I displayed my favorite pink quilts on the quilt rack.

I also have nine quilts hanging on display elsewhere in my house, one on the dining room table, and two in the living room (one on the couch and the other on the back of a chair.) One quilt lives on my bed. Another one is ready to fly to its new home. But that is a semi-surprise. The new owner knows the quilt is on the way, but my readers will have to wait and see. One other is waiting for beauty shots.

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Annmarie said...

Wow, 48 quilts in a closet. You should be proud! Wondering if you readjust them on the hangers from time to time to prevent hanger dents?