Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Beauty Shots Asterisk Quilt

 Got home from work on Monday and I did not feel like making dinner. It was sunny, so I packed some quilts in the car and went out to take some beauty shots.

In the full sun you can lose a lot, but this looks pretty good.

It's really nice to see all the true colors in this.

It always interests me that a photograph you almost didn't take, or think will totally not work, turns out to be the definitive shot. Like this one.
After I was done, I brought the quilt home and washed it. It is now soft and wrinkly, and if possible, even prettier than it was before. I wasn't quite sure if this was a quilt for cuddling, but now I am convinced.

Incidentally, although I wash every single piece of fabric before it comes into my studio - and I wash it in WARM water no matter what the label says, I always throw a couple of color catcher sheets in the washing machine when I wash the finished quilt. These two pink sheets came out after washing the Asterisk quilt. And I washed it in cold water.

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