Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Binding for Yakkety Yak

I have been lucky enough to get four quilts ready to bind all at once. This shows the quilting for Yakkety Yak.

I always knew the binding for this quilt was going to be pink. I had originally bought this "handsy" fabric as an option for the backing, but for some reason I didn't buy enough.

When it was time to choose binding fabric, this was an option. It's a Kaffe fabric that's pink with red and reddish orange fabrics.

I liked this fabric as an option. It was fabric I used in my granddaughter's seminole dress. Of the three, I really liked this the best.

Here's the fabric.
I cut strips for the binding and sewed them together.

I've sewn it to the back of the quilt. This fabric ravels like crazy, so once I sewed it to the quilt, I had to trim each edge. 


Ruth said...

That leaf fabric is SOOOO BEautiful!! The veins of the leaves show up so well! It is just lovely.

Cherie Moore said...

You refer to backing several times and in my sleep addled brain, I was so confused. Thr ‘backing” choice is lovely but more than that, will remind you always of the dress you made for your absolutely adorable granddaughter :)