Saturday, December 2, 2023

Break it Good!


What I never liked about this quilt was the bright white center. To me, if the very center of a quilt is white, or the lightest value in the quilt, then it reads as a hole. So I made a couple of blocks with the center pieces  are less bright, and I like them better.

Well, this is a little bit better. 

But it still isn't singing for me. So I have decided to BREAK IT GOOD!

This isn't really breaking it in a significant way, but I certainly like this better than the other way. Even though I think it's pretty boring.

Now THIS... (at least the top three rows) I like a lot. I am not sure about the pink block. It tends to overtake all the others. But this makes me happier than the other versions, so I'll be pursuing this idea.

I spent yesterday with Sargent, so I won't have any news about this for a day or two...


Nancy J said...

I'm not sure about the pink either, it seems to take over all the ot her blocks, The burgundy in it is lovely though, do you have any more of that fabric and combine with something else?The greens are beautiful

Linda Swanekamp said...

It is amazing how much difference moving blocks around gives.