Thursday, October 6, 2022

Yellow Too


I've always known that I wanted some yellow to play with the blue. Blue and yellow is a very French color combination, and it's really pretty. Last night before I went to bed, I went into the studio and grabbed some yellows and paired them up with some of my blues.


Tonight, when I started cutting them into strips I realized I didn't quite have enough, so I placed a small (for me) online order for three more blues and five yellows.

These are the pairs I have so far. Some of the yellows I really liked I didn't have enough of, and some looked too dark.

With these yellows, some of the lighter blues wouldn't work. For what I have planned I need the blues to be the darker fabric in the pair, and I need some good contrast between the two. Some of the pairs in the photo directly above seem a bit forced, like the one on the lower right - birds and cats. The colors are OK, but the scale of the prints seems to me to be too much the same, and the  orangey-yellow to the left of it is almost to bland a design, and perhaps a bit too orange.

At any rate, none of this is carved in stone, but I like what I have so far, and yes, I do have a design in mind. This blue and yellow quilt will be primarily for my dining room table, but I also want it to be useful as a couch quilt.


Nancy J said...

Yellow is not one of my favourite colours, but a long time ago a quilting tutor said " You need yellow to give a quilt some ZING " !!! The combinations are going so well, I do agree with the orange toned square removal .Waiting to see the design. But, naturally, my eyes go to the blues.

Brown Family said...

I always find yellow hard to work with