Saturday, October 1, 2022



I really like the flowers in the bathroom. This particular bouquet is a result of me going to the florist and picking stuff out of their cooler.

I've been keeping up the tradition, but changing it up pretty regularly. Lately I've been buying a bouquet at the grocery store and putting some in the kitchen too. This morning, when I was bring out the dead flowers, I noticed this:

It's a pot of variegated Sage. Since this is an annual, it won't be around for much longer. The first frost will kill it, and since it's already October, that day is coming soon. I went back in the house for my snippers, and then looked around.

These are tall asters that live near my carport.

This is a coleus that loves this spot on my rebuilt front steps (this happened between the bathroom and the kitchen redos.)

This bud vase arrangement was built around a carnation that was left over from last week.

A small blue bottle makes a great tiny vase for this arrangement next to my stove.

This blue vase decorates the small table in my living room. The wooden box contains Millie's ashes.

Last but certainly not least is the cat vase in the guest bathroom.

It's a lot like assembling fabrics for a quilt. Find a color you like, find some colors that go well with it, look for things that are similar (but not the same) and have a contrast in shape and texture, and then go for it.


Nancy J said...

Nature's colours seem to go together, no matter what combination you choose. Love the little blue vase and then taller stems.

Mickey's Musings said...

Lovely to have pretty flowers around the house.
Flowers make you smile :)

Lizzie said...

These are wonderful! And I expect making them brings you as much joy as looking at them. Personally, I love the lime-y green of the coleus with the purple asters. Complementary colors!

Poppy Q said...

Always good to surround yourself with flowers.

Poppy Q said...

Always good to surround yourself with flowers.

Susan said...

Always a 'pick-me-up' to have fresh arrangements around you! Especially when they come from your own garden. Keep being positive.

Quiltdivajulie said...

We have several electric lime coleus plants - I love the vibrant color. And I think you are SO wise to have fresh arrangements in the house!

PamelaK said...

I also used to purchase a floral bouquet (like at grocer or SAM's) and have it grace my kitchen window...but have neglected to do so these past couple years. Now you have inspired me to bring that small gesture of joy back into my life and brighten my home with fresh flowers. I especially love to buy two different bunches and break them up, mixing and matching colors/textures/styles of rewarding and so cheeringly delightful when a smile is needed! THANKS for reminding me that this is an important part of life...bringing in and enjoying the beauty of nature inside your home.