Saturday, August 13, 2022

20 More Blocks



I've got four more half rows sewn up. But I got a little distracted.

This is one of two cat-themed pot holders I have. When I put up the blue wallpaper in my kitchen (and I have it on order) it won't "match." 

Now you all know I am not matchy-matchy, but I'd like them to coordinate. So I went into the studio and found some coordinating fabrics. The blues were not particularly exciting.

So I picked out this yellow with some blue accents.

It sure is nice to have mad sewing skills, lots of fabric, and tools. I also have a stash of Insul-brite, the filling designed for making potholders or something that gets hot (because let me tell you, using the average quilt batting in a pot holder is NOT going to protect your hands from the heat). In fact, for the business side of this pot holder, I used TWO layers of Insul-brite.

So here's the first one. A blue will will hang with it before the weekend is out.

I have been busy in the kitchen. I have completely reorganized this part of my pantry.  Everything is labelled. (I confess I may have watched one too many episodes of The Home Edit.)

If you think this was more than just a little bit compulsive, let me show you what ONE of these shelves looked like just a few weeks ago.

Can I tell you how blissful it is to work in my kitchen now?


MissPat said...

The pantry shelves look great. Did you order uniform storage containers so they would be easy to stack?

Quiltdivajulie said...

Having seen the cabinets up close and in person, that "before" photo is seriously accurate. Hooray for the reorg - and for being happier in your space! (that potholder is beautiful, BTW)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Hey that before photo could have been my pantry! How embarrassing. I'm going to neaten mine up tomorrow. I don't have quite the neat skills you have but I know it can be better. Thanks for the gentle poke.

Just Ducky said...

The OXO peeps love you. Mum used those containers for my treats!

Marty Stanchi said...

I have had a label maker for quite a while, love to label and organize, especially in the studio!

JustGail said...

That before photo IS my pantry :-/ I wish I could overcome my "thrifty-ness" and buy a bunch of nice canisters. Maybe someday!
I don't think I've seen that style before - mostly plain flat or mitts is all I see. Or those little ones that just fit fingers and thumb. Very pretty new potholder!

Peggy said...

What are jimmies?