Monday, September 27, 2021

Epic Birds

 Today's birds come from Germany, New York and Tennessee.

Birgit from Germany writes that this bird's name is "Lizzie, a young wren. In German, a wren is a "Zaunkonig". Zaun = fence, like the wing and Konig = king, like the crown (be careful, the crown doesn't like the hot iron). Zaunkonig = wren.

"She would like to be the star in your new quilt, just like her bird breast shows you."

I continue to be amazed at the ways students have found their own ways to customize my birds. I am really happy about this, because that's why teachers teach -  to see students take an idea and do something new.

This bird is from Linda in New York. I love the way she has used the batiks in this, and also the way she has fussy cut the beak.
This bird (quite possibly the biggest bird so far) was made by my friend Julie, who lives in Tennessee. Julie says that quilters "use math so this background fits pretty well. ... I didn't name her - but maybe Calculating Bird or ? Surely, there is nothing shy about her!" Julie says this bird is all Kaffe Fasset fabrics except for her beak.

In case you want to see JUST how big this bird is...

I'm still collecting birds for my student bird quilt. If you are interested in contributing a bird, please email me at PatcheryMenagerie AT Gmail DOT com. If you want to make a bird, you can get my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I gave you lots of background since it wasn’t a standard WOW. And you can shorten her legs as desired. Can’t wait to see the story you weave together for this project.

Judy in Michigan said...

Maybe the "Math" bird could be named Gauss or Leibniz or Pascal or Turing??? Just a thought.

The Selvage Fairy said...

Uhm, where could one acquire that ledger fabric? Asking for a friend.

Dorothy said...

A bird with a crown and up turned tail feathers ??? Fabulous