Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Recap


It wasn't even 8:30 in the morning yesterday when Steve texted me "Did you lock the file cabinet in that other cube?" My new cube was finished and he wanted to set up the other one. Because I had locked some personal items in the file cabinet, he couldn't move it. In the end he set it aside and unpacked a new one, so it was all good, but holy crap! I didn't have any idea that would be so quick! I can't wait to move back in.

On the home front, I cleared all the furniture and cleared out the space under the kitchen sink so the dishwasher installer would have room to work. 

The appliances arrived just after 11:00 AM. The range is gorgeous. So bright!

They brought the dishwasher in and set it to one side. The installer would remove the old one when the new one was installed "later." So I read both manuals while I watched the Olympics on TV. The installer for the dishwasher didn't show up until just about 5:00 PM. 

While I waited I shopped for and ordered pink fabric for the backing of the Pink Panther quilt. I bought several things I will piece together, so that will be fun.

The dishwasher installers were very sweet. When they saw the clean area under the sink one of them looked at me "We love you! NOBODY does that for us. Thank you!"

I can't believe how quiet the dishwasher is. And the range totally rocks. I actually went through all my pots and pans to discard all the not-really flat bottomed ones.

Ok, it's been a long day, but it was a good one, and there were no surprises!


Nancy J said...

At home and at work, all has fitted in so well..Enjoy the new appliances, and maybe get some new pots as well.

Dorothy said...

Brands ?? of new appliances. They are gorgeous

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree with Nancy - new pots are such a treat!

Just Ducky said...

shiny new things to cook and clean with.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Isn't it amazing how quiet the Bosch's are? Soooo nice! Did you get induction heating or regular electric on your stove?

Robby said...

Curious if you got induction or the standard electric smooth top range? I bet the dishwasher guys were extra happy with you since it was the end of the day. Hope all the new changes are enhancements to your life.

rondiquilts said...

Nice that all went smooth on the home front. Hope its just as smooth when you return to work. No doubt to all your attention to detail and preparation has resulted in this going so well.
Rondi /

Adelaide's Florist & Decorators said...

Hi Lynne, I’m thinking of entering a quilt into a quilt show. I used your bird block and improvised the rest. I need to get your written permission to submit it. I couldn’t find your email address so I apologize for asking you here. Lynn /

QuiltGranma said...

Isn't it great when a plan comes together? Organized, together, working FOR you rather than against you! AND spanking new too!