Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Allegretto is Finished

 Silly me, I forgot I had named this quilt already. It's Allegretto. On Sunday morning, still in my nightgown, I went into the studio and finished sewing the blocks together.

Heh. Yes, this is the back of the flimsy. I don't photograph the wrong sides of my quilts often enough.

This is, as they say, an actual, unretouched photo of the wrong side of the quilt. You do not see any stray threads. You do not see any sloppy pressing. I won't say I work hard to get my quilts to look this way, but I do pay attention. I trim all threads. I press all seams. And I use steam. I am of the belief that your longarm quilter will thank you if the wrong side of you quilts look like this. If that makes me a snob, so be it.

Here's the finished flimsy. You can click the photo and then click again to check out the fabrics. At last count there are 42 unique fabrics in this quilt. There are 120 blocks. You can do the math.

Or not!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Just beautiful! And I won't do the math. Pressing is important as well as stray threads. I longarm my own quilts and I appreciate if I take the time to set myself up for success. The quilt has a light feeling to it, like fluttering wings.

JustGail said...

I try to get my backs that neat. One thing that stumps me is I get an area trimmed and as I shift the top around to do the next area, already trimmed areas sometimes start to fray again. Or it's nice and neat until I fold it up to wait for quilting. Maybe I don't use the pressing spray or starch enough?

Anyway enough whining - Allegretto is gorgeous! And considering how long it took me to realize the back of the quilt was shown first (until I read that it was), nope - not doing the maths. At least not today.

Steve said...

My seams may not always be the best, even though I try, but the lady I used to take my quilts to, to longarm, was always so pleased that I had trimmed all the loose threads on the back. She said mine were often the cleanest that she did. That made me smile.

Nancy J said...

The back is like mosaic tiles in those pastels, then the front with deeper beauty. Love the neat seam pressing. I use steam too.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I've loved watching this quilt come together. The first photo made me think of marble - very subtle colours :)

Dorothy said...

Fabulous. It's always an eye opener following your process. You teach us so much